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Business leaders collaborate with educators and policy makers to address the skills mismatch

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Business leaders nurture skilling and continuous learning to help workers remain employable

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CEOs worry about the availability of key skills – It’s atop 3 concerns for them

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of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if there is investment in their learning and development


Clematis Talent Solution

Helping Nurture talent to reach its potential

We believe in creating premium talent development solutions to have a positive impact on individual careers, workforce engagement, organization culture and commercial success. 

Pragmatic Solutions
designed to


Incorporate and build on the business culture and values


Challenge people to think out of the box


Catalyze growth and leadership


Create employee engagement and satisfaction


Measure success

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We are determined to transform the learning landscape away from the conventional and dull approach by incorporating interactive discussions, practical projects, excursions, and enrichment elements to meet client business needs.

Clematis Talent

Instructor-led or digital learning programs from experts and top universities across the globe on a wide range of subjects encompassing banking, finance, accounting, data science, information technology and behavioral modules to name a few. Offering custom executive education programs to develop employee potential.

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Our Design Process

Robust program designing is the
foundation of our business. Described in the figure is our process of designing and managing a corporate program. Every step is conducted with high level of sophistications and expertise, as we believe is building our relationships and not just the balance sheet.

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Learning Modules


Our core strength lies in building competence in finance, accounting and banking domain.


Our solutions help you navigate through your organization’s behavioral skills ...

Technological Transformation

In today’s fast paced world, we offer essential IT solutions which help your organization...