Introduction to Management Accounting


This program helps in identifying information about, revenue, cost, and other metrics of business operations which are to be measured and analysed to make critical business decisions. The management of an organization uses management accounting to successfully run business operations by reducing costs and maximizing profit. The elements of the course will include cost classification, CVP analysis, overhead analysis, budgeting, and variance analysis.

Key Highlights

Averages Duration: 4 days

Appropriate Group Size: 12-15

Enrichment elements: Case Study, Exercises, Assessments

Who should attend?

Every professional involved in managerial decision making, Senior Leadership Team

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand management accounting’s importance in business success
  • Uses of management accounting
  • Perform cost classification apply ABC
  • Perform CVP analysis
  • Understand basics of budgeting
  • Perform variance analysis

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